11 November – Ipomoea cairica (CONVOLVULACEAE) Mile-a-minute

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Fast-growing smothering climber from tropical America and tropical Asia. Leaves heart-shaped to three lobed, flowers tubular, bright blue to blue-purple, fade to pink. For more information see Mile-a-minute in the Weeds to Whack section of this web site.

Why it’s bad

With its close relative Morning Glory Ipomoea indica is among our worst smothering vines, widespread, fast-growing.


Hard to eradicate because trailing and broken sections of stem can sprout from nodes. Mature plants need to be traced back to the base, cut and poisoned.


Replace with Scrambling Lily Geitonoplesium cymosum. Also useful would be Native Wistaria, Round-leaf Vine, Native Passionfruit, Embelia, Pearl Vine, Native Jasmine.

Photo: Mark Crocker


Native alternative Scrambling Lily Geitonoplesium cymosum. Photo: Mark Crocker