09 – September Lantana camara (VERBENACEAE) Lantana

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Description A straggly, prickly shrub commonly in dense thickets. Native to tropical South America. Multicoloured flowers, pleasant spicy aroma.

Photo: Mark Crocker

Why it’s bad Not as serious for urban creeks as it is for agriculture. Easy to control in small infestations. A high risk in northern Australia.

Control Sections of infestations away from waterways can be sprayed with very diluted herbicide. Take care to leave some for habitat and thickly plant alternatives nearby.

Alternatives Replace with close relative Velvet Leaf (Callicarpa pedunculata) mixed with prickly dense shrubs like Bursaria, Alyxia and Carissa.

Native alternative Velvet Leaf (Callicarpa pedunculata) Photo: Mark Crocker