08 August Cardiospermum grandiflorum (SAPINDACEAE) Balloon Vine

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Description Smothering climber with light green compound leaves, native to tropical Asia, Africa and America. Nine leaflets arranged in three groups of three.

Photo: Mark Crocker

Why it’s bad This vine’s rampant growth blocks out light needed by native plants. Seed remains viable for up to 11 years.

Control Cut and paint the cut stems with herbicide. Leave vines in trees to die. Spread may be slowed by nearby planting of Alectryons, hosts for local seed predators of this plant family.

Alternatives Replace with Slender Grape, a very similar plant in the VITACEAE. It has 5 leaflets (not 9) and peitiolules distinctly forked at an angle of about 45 degrees.

Native alternative Slender Grape (Cayratia clematidea) Photo: Robert Whyte