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Annual General Meeting and Christmas Party

Date Sat 6 Dec 2008
Venue SOWN Environment Centre - View Google Map (98 Yoorala St, The Gap)
Format AGM

All members encouraged to attend

The AGM will be held at 4pm on Saturday 6 December to be followed at 5pm by a barbecue and Christmas Party. We will also be inaugurating the Vera and Fred Moffett Library.

The meeting will be asked to consider changes to the rules to establish the Save Our Waterways Now Environment Fund. The Fund would receive gifts of money or property to support the environmental objectives and purposes of SOWN. The intention is to provide tax-deductiblity for donations. See details below.

Proposal to the Annual General Meeting of SOWN

1. It is proposed that the SOWN AGM seek inclusion on the the register of environmental organisations eligible for tax deductibility of donations to an agreed fund. In order to achieve this it is proposed that the AGM adopt the draft Save Our Waterways Now Environment Fund description for approval of the Department of Environment, Water Heritage and the Arts to support SOWN's inclusion on the register.

2. It is also proposed that the rules of the Association be changed by the following inclusions to Section 4 of the current rules:

Section 4.4 Establishment of the Public Fund

4.4.1 The association will establish and maintain a public fund to be called the "Save Our Waterways Now Environment Fund" for the specific purpose of supporting the environmental objects of the association. The Fund is established to receive all gifts of money or property for this purpose and any money received because of such gifts must be credited to its bank account. The Fund must comply with subdivision 30-E of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

4.4.2 The Fund will be used only to support the association’s environmental purposes.

4.4.3 Members of the general public are to be invited to make donations of money to the Fund for the environmental purposes of Save Our Waterways - Now Inc.

4.4.4 Money from interest on donations or income derived from contributions is to be deposited into the Fund.

4.4.5 Money from interest on donations, income derived from donated property, and money from the realization of such property is to be deposited into the fund.

4.4.6 Donations to the Fund are to be kept separate from other funds of association. A separate bank account in the name of the Fund will be opened at the Bank Of Queensland.

4.4.7 Receipts are to be issued in the name of the Fund and proper accounting records kept and used for the Fund. The Fund will be operated on a not-for-profit basis.

4.4.8 The income and property of the association and the fund shall be used and applied solely in promotion of the objectives of the association and no portion shall be distributed, paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or by way of profit to members, or the executive of the association.

4.4.9 The Fund is not to act as a mere conduit for the donation of money or property to other organisations, bodies or persons. Any allocation of funds or property to other organisations or persons will be made in accordance with the established objectives of the association and not be influenced by the expressed preference or interest of a particular donor to the association.

4.4.10 The association must comply with any rules made by the Federal Treasurer and Minister responsible for the environment to ensure that gifts to the Fund are used only for its principal purpose.

4.4.11 The association shall provide to the Department of Environment, Water Heritage and the Arts annual statistical information about donations to the public fund, by 31 October each year. An audited financial statement for the association and its public fund will be supplied with the annual statistical return. The statement will provide information on the expenditure of public fund monies and the management of public fund assets.

4.4.12 Distribution of surplus assets and funds on winding up of the Fund must go to a fund that is listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations.

4.4.13 The association shall inform the Department responsible for the environment as soon as possible if:

(a) it changes its name or the name of its public fund; or

(b) there is any change to the membership of the management committee of the public fund; or

(c) there has been any departure from the model rules for public funds located in the Guidelines to the Register of Environmental Organisations.

4.4.14 The Public Fund Committee shall have 3 members.

4.4.15 The Fund shall be subject to the provisions of the Act and the resolutions of the management committee of the association.

4.4.16 A committee of management has been established, and will be maintained, for the fund. A majority of the committee members will be a “responsible person” as defined by the Guidelines to the Register.

Special item for general business

Enoggera Catchment has been devastated by storms and flooding. At the AGM we will discuss cleanup programs and coordination.

BRAIN to join the Party

BRAIN's Christmas event has had to be cancelled due to storm damage in Brisbane Forest Park. So all BRAIN regulars are invited to celebrate Christmas with us. The Christmas Party will start immediately after the AGM at about 5pm.

SOWN will provide a barbecue and drinks. Please bring a salad or sweets to share.