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Nursery Report 03-04

Nursery production was up in all areas.

At 30 June this year we had 4,000 more plants than at the end of the previous year, Over 14,000 more plants (total 27,534) were produced than in the previous year.

11,000 more plants went out (total 23,602). This means plantrs In the ground producing habitat, preventing erosion, cleaning waterways and improving ameneity.

They come in, they go out. The significant figures in this year's nursery report are the plants from GOSSIP (23,630) and how many went out to members or were sold -- (23, 602). This shows how wonderfully successful the GOSSIP program has been, validating Brian Hallinan's efforts and faith in the idea, and the nursery crew's efforts in maintaining and training the GOSSIP retirement villages.

Double the amount of seed was collected, 1.5 times as many volunteer hours worked (3,763 hrs). Running and capital costs were up but cost per plant was down from 7c a plant to 6c a plant.

All in all a fabulous effort. Many thanks to the nursery team.