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Our 2004 nursery team

Thanks to the Nursery volunteers -- whose dedication and knowledge is the mainstay of the success of the Nursery -- by Colleen Farrell, Acting Nursery Manager.

2014 Nursery Team

Special thanks to Vera and Fred Moffet, diligently working week after week sowing the seeds brought to the Nursery by volunteers who roam the land collecting native seed to propagate. Special thanks to Rob Whyte and Terrie Templeton whose regular visits to the Nursery, engage us all in the popular game of “ID the Species”.

The production of the Nursery relies heavily on the work of volunteers to prick out and pot up seedlings, weed and fertilise the stock, and monitor the irrigation. Thanks to all SOWN nursery staff who share these tasks working collectively to achieve the aim of reforestation of our land.

  • Kon Michnowsky – Can be found any Wednesday hiding amoung the Lomandra fertilising, weeding and sorting the lomandras into sizes in readiness to be planted out
  • Gayle Duncan – As the stock plants grow Gayle disappears behind the species as she works weeding and fertilizing and transferring plants from shade to full sun, and counting them each month
  • Lynn Swann – A see a need and just do it person. Wouldn’t be without
  • Lillian Camphausen – Took on temporary provider to the Gossip Program at Parklands after Marion broke her hand, and pricking out and potting on
  • Dorothy Millar – Pot Washer extraordinare, so missed at the nursery but she's back now
  • Tricia Fitzpatrick – Dedicated to doing it right
  • Grace Stewart – Dedicated to the dainty. Extraordinary knowledge of the small itsy bitsy plants no one ever thinks about
  • Arend Smits - Wetlandman

Not forgetting the construction team

Constructing what ever brilliant ideas we come up with to improve the function of the nursery. This year:

  • Peter Knight,
  • Ray Sinkinson, and
  • Graham Macklin
  • Installed the Rain Water tank. Thank goodness for standpipe training.
  • Ripped up the fraying weed mat and placed deco down. Which rapidly turned into a muddy mess
  • Laid gravel in the walkways to alleviate the mud problem
  • Installed the second tier of bench space to accommodate Gossip produce
  • Currently working on the irrigation system to get us through the summer without stock loss

Many thanks to Tom McHugh, Neil Milstead and Habitat Brisbane staff for their help and chats and Rob Whyte in conjunction with HB co-ordinating the Suncorp Volunteer Days. We worked them hard and achieved the final laying of the Gravel, expanded community knowledge of Weed ID and Control, Pricked out 1400 Lomandra hystrix, and cleared a heap of Luellia and planted over 300 native species at Fred and Vera's site at Yooralla Street. All had fun but I’m sure returned happily to work with renewed enthusiasm for the desk job.

Finally but definitely not least, we express many thanks to Pete Dorney the SOWN nursery manager. His Organisation has allowed a seamless transition for me as Acting Manager. Due to ill health is not here today but vows to return full steam in the new year.

Merry Christmas SOWN well done.