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SOWN aims to rehabilitate the waterways of the Enoggera Creek catchment and the surrounding environment by the removal of rubbish and unwanted vegetation and by protecting, planting and maintaining appropriate trees, shrubs and other vegetation that are native to the catchment.

How to Plant Tubestock

The SOWN nursery propagates most plants in 5 cm tubes. For small plants to flourish, it is important that they are planted correctly.

The attached brochure shows "How to plant tubestock' in five easy steps.

Database of Enoggera Catchment Plants

The list of plants below is a searchable database of plants of the Enoggera Creek catchment. It includes: plant descriptions; photographs of leaves, flowers and fruit; and notes on distribution, habitat, garden use, edibility and propagation. You can search and sort by keyword, habitat, special features and plant type.

The main reference used for plant names and habit details in this database is "Mangroves to Mountains: A Field Guide to the Native Plants of south-east Queensland' (Revised Edition) by Glenn Leiper, Jan Glazebrook, Denis Cox and Kerry Rathie.