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Fish Creek

Fish Creek is the shortest creek in the catchment with groups along Wittonga Park, Michaela Crescent Park, Chaprowe Road and down to the junction with Enoggera Creek.

Wittonga Park, Belclare Street, The Gap
The Wittonga Park Bushcare Group is restoring the headwaters of Fish Creek within Wittonga Park, The Gap. For over 10 years the group have... 

Michaela Cresent Park
Group Leader:Gail Norval 

Chaprowe Road, The Gap
The Chaprowe Road Bushcare Group have been working over 10 years to restore a stretch of Fish Creek downstream from Settlement Road towards The Gap... 

BRAIN Brisbane Rainforest Action and Information Nework

Glenella Park, The Gap
This site is between Glenella Street and Lochinvar Lane, The Gap. In 2010 Rob Whyte and his Walton Bridge Bushcare team started rehabilitating the... 

Hilder Road State School
The Hilder Road State School Parents and Citizens Association are revegetating the section of Fish Creek adjacent to the school. This work is being...