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Enoggera Catchment Creek Health Monitoring Program

A to F
How does the water quality of Enoggera Creek go from an A to F?

Are you interested in saving our waterways? Do you know what is happening in your waterways? Before we can change anything in the water we need to know what is happening in our creeks. This project is intended to examine the physical characteristics of the water in our creeks. We also need to find out what is living in our creeks and how abundant our native and exotic species are. This project is also aimed at accumulating data to allow us to see the trends that are occurring.

Council Grant to Support ECCHMP

This project is supported by the Lord Mayor's Community Sustainability and Environmental Grants Program and the Gap Ward. SOWN received a grant to purchase funds to buy equipment and produce identification charts that will be used in the twice yearly surveys of the creek.

SEQ Water Grant

SEQ Water provided a grant to allow SOWN to purchase our own Horiba U52 with GPS. The initial grant was for $8677.90 and will allow SOWN to conduct Monthly surveys of the ECHMP sites and spot checks.


We need volunteers to conduct the surveys at the nine sites that will be sampled twice yearly, in Spring and Autumn. Training will be provided and no experience is necessary. In addition to SOWN members we welcome participants from the community to participate in this survey. Each survey will last approximately 3hours with one team surveying one site on the day. There will be nine sites so we will need nine teams. Another team will conduct physical measurements of water quality at all of the sites.


A training day will be conducted on Sunday 2 November 2014. Topics will include Safety, Equipment and use, efficient techniques, species identification and documentation.

The Sites

Enoggera Creek
E1. Yoorala St Opposite SOWN
E2 Dorrington Park
E3 Tennis Ave
A1 Ashgrove Golf Course Bennet Road

Breakfast Creek
B1 Below the Weir, Bancroft Park, Kelvin Grove

Fish Creek
F1 Fish Creek

Ithaca Creek
I1 JC Slaughter Falls Dam
I2 Bardon Esp, at Lilly Road
I3 Gilbert Park


All data will be collected from the day and presented to members and the community at members meetings. Where applicable data will be posted to the Bureau of Meteorology website and the SEQ Catchment website for use by other interested volunteer and research groups.