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Welcome Glenn Withers, Ithaca Intact Coordinator

Glenn Withers, a seasoned professional in environmental management and community engagement, has been appointed as the Ithaca Intact coordinator and SOWN's Nursery manager until June 2011. Glenn's expression of interest for the position was of the highest quality and he comes recommended by referees including Trevor Ozanne.

Glenn is looking forward to working with all SOWN members to achieve our ambitious aims for the sustainable restoration of the whole of Ithaca Creek, by utilising the people power of local residents and other volunteers.

Glenn's resumé (in brief)

Glenn is a conservationist specialising in revegetation and bush regeneration, weed control works (aquatic and terrestrial), project management, education and training, community engagement, botany and plant identification, nursery management, office administration, landscape design and implementation and eco-tours.

His key qualifications are Bachelor of Science Degree (Environmental Science ) and Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Horticulture).

Employment History

  • Supervisor Waterways Revegetation - Moreton Bay Regional Council
  • Education and Training Officer - Fire Ants, Qld Government
  • Dry Tropics Nursery Manager - Greening Australia, Townsville
  • Technical Supervisor, Leading hand & Labourer - Wet Tropics Tree Planting Scheme, Nth Qld
  • Interpretive Ranger - Skyrail, Cairns
  • Field supervisor and Field assistant - Greening Australia, Brisbane

Glenn's Expression of Interest - Summary

Glenn has over 15 years of experience working in the conservation sector, including 7 years in full time management and supervisory roles, both in local and state government and with Greening Australia Qld. Since planting his first trees on Enoggera creek near Frank Waters Park at Ashgrove in 1991, Glenn has acquired a great deal of knowledge about about native and exotic flora, particularly species found along riparian zones. He has lived, worked and studied in Brisbane and in both the Wet and Dry Tropics of North Qld and has travelled throughout Australia, which has expanded this botanical knowledge. His familiarity with native and exotic flora along Enoggera creek is good, though he is keen to learn more.

For the last 3 years as Moreton Bay Regional Councils (MBRC), Supervisor for Waterways Revegetation, Glenn managed council staff and contractors and coordinated activities in over 40 constructed wetlands and riparian zones in the southern district of MBRC (former Pine Rivers Shire Council), covering an area of 67.5 hectares.

As an Education and Training Officer for the National Fire Ant Eradication Program - Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (DPI&F), Glenn trained staff in the private and public sector and delivered presentations to community groups, schools, community groups and the public at major events such as the RNA show, in addition to regularly editing Fire ant webpages.

As Greening Australia's first Dry Tropics Nursery Manager from 2001-2004, Glenn coordinated a range of activities for a diverse group of volunteers from a variety of organizations and backgrounds. Glenn's duties also included identifying native flora species, collecting seed and other material for propagation, maintaining the nursery seedbank and supervising plant propagation activities. In excess of 120 species of local native plants were grown at the nursery in just over two years.

From 1996 to 2006, Glenn project managed, supervised and/or worked on-site at approximately 30 revegetation-bush rehabilitation projects along the North Queensland coast between Port Douglas and Ayr. Prior to working in North Queensland, he worked for Greening Australia in Brisbane from 1993-1996, doing on-ground conservation work throughout the greater Brisbane region.

Glenn's Project Aims

Having worked with avid bush rehabilitation enthusiasts on Enoggera Creek through the years, Glenn is passionate about rehabilitating urban waterways in Ashgrove and surrounding suburbs. As Ithaca Intact Coordinator he would like to achieve the following by June 2011:

  • Have Ithaca creek and its tributaries mapped, with areas prioritised for rehabilitation.
  • Compile a brief history of rehabilitation work done on the creek (if it hasn't been done).
  • Have a prioritised list of sites and works scheduled.
  • To have met 75% or more of landholders living adjacent to the creek and all relevant stakeholders.
  • Have active rehabilitation occurring on over 50% of the upper to mid reaches of Ithaca Creek, with an emphasis on regularly maintained sites.
  • Engage former and existing Bushcare groups to rehabilitate and maintain old and current sites along the length of the creek.
  • Have an established, regular seed collecting group and regular seed collection activities.
  • Provide a consistent and diverse range of local native tubestock at the SOWN nursery both for revegetation and gardening purposes.
  • Link new and old Bushcare groups for information sharing purposes, so members of new groups don't have to re-learn old lessons and older group members are presented with new ideas.