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Figures Count, You Know

Last year (July 1 2004 - June 30 2005) our hardworking Nursery volunteers and rostered “sales” staff maintained a healthy output of plants to members despite the drought.

In the catchment itself, seasonal conditions haven’t been so bad this year, with occasional rain. The catchment is much smaller and more ephemeral than the big catchments supplying Brisbane’s water, so even light falls have benefits.

For the second year in a row members picked up and planted out nearly 25,000 plants.

In 03-04 numbers were swelled with the Green Corps activity (23,602) so the similar figure for 04-05 reflects greater activity by group members.

The figures bear this out. In 03-04 there were 27 active sites. Last year this increased to 39. We welcome Robert Dunne, Lillian Camphausen, Glenn Freak, Jill Corrigan, Ben Blanch, Mark Penman, Greg Bottell, Colleen Farrell, Charlie A and Marist Brothers — their sites are either new or revitalised.

Add to this some Council projects and the numbers planted in the catchment are about 40,000. That’s a lot of green credits, so SOWN members needn’t feel so guilty about their gas guzzling cars. Just kidding. We all drive methane powered scooters.

So far in 05-06 planting numbers have been down while waiting for the rain, though this is being offset by increased sites of activity, and the Conservation Volunteers.

Lomandras are in plentiful supply, so try them in your moist areas!