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Habitat Brisbane Day

Lugg Street and Bardon State School bushcare groups

The Bardon State School and Lugg Street Bushcare groups represented Ithaca Creek in the the city-wide Habitat Brisbane Day on May 18th.
Both groups hosted information and planting events at their respective sites and were delighted with the community interest and participation they received on the day.

If you are interested in the activities of these groups, please contact the group leaders, listed below.

  • Lugg St Group, Bardon - Group Leader: Craig Davis

    The Lugg St Group operates on the Creek at the junction of Lugg and Jason St.
  • Bardon State School, Bardon - Group Leader: Fiona O'Sullivan

    The Bardon State School group works along the section of Ithaca Creek that borders Bardon State School.

    The group will meet every second Sunday in 2008.