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Go Greencorps, Go! Carwoola St and Lorward Ave

The Ithaca Intact Greencorps team has been busy along the Cawoola St and Lorward Ave stretches of Ithaca Creek in Bardon. Over the month of October (07), the team has done a fabulous job of rehabilitating and extending an old bushcare site near the Carwoola St bridge, and assisting Scott and Annie Rimmington with weed supression and control along the Creek at Lorward Ave.

All of their good work can be viewed from the bike path that runs from Carwoola St, through Purtell Park and onto Loward Ave, so the next time you feel like a stroll or a bike ride, head on down to see how Greencorps are helping to get Ithaca Intact!

Preparing for battle. Loward Ave.

That's the team spirit!

Loward Ave

Loward Ave

When the going gets tuff...Loward Ave