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Community Water Grant – Enoggera Creek Regional Park

Athol and revegatation.
Athol Brown at the Yoorala Street SOWN site

The Grant for this project was approved in March, with work commencing mid-year. The project aims at the revegatation of a natural wetland and riparian zone in the upper catchment just below Enoggera Dam. By the time the project is due for completion in August 2007, hundreds of native trees will have been planted as well as thousands of wetland plants such as Lomandra and Carax.

The Water Grant is valued at $21,737. With in-kind support the total value of the project is almost $40,000.

The area includes a ‘top bench’ above the wetland, where some 600 trees are now progressing well despite the drought. Just below this bench is a steep bank where about 350 trees are progressing better than expected. The wetland below is divided into three sections. The first section is almost complete with approximately 1,100 plantings.

The third section is nearly ready for planting. Treatment of the second section (physically located between Section 1 and Section 3) requires brush-cutting and spraying. This section has been left until last in order to provide the best possible haven for wildlife.

On Sunday March 18 a community working-bee will be held, where it is expected that most of the remaining plantings will be finalised. Apart from the working-bee on that day, this will be a time for the community to see and appreciate what has been achieved with their taxes via the Water Grant. A sausage sizzle will follow.

Athol Brown